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Q:  How do I know if my child is eligible for ABA therapy?

A:  ABA Foundations will be calling on your specific insurance policy in order to determine benefits and eligibility specific to ABA assessment and therapy. 

Q:  Is my child guaranteed 40 hours a week of therapy? 

A:  ABA therapy services are determined based on medical necessity.  In addition, once the treatment plan (Behavior plan) and service recommendations are completed it often needs to undergo review and approval by the funding source. 

Q:  Will I be responsible to pay a co-pay, co-insurance or my portion of the deductible?

A:  Yes, ABA Foundations is required to bill you according to your insurance policy.  In home ABA services should be considered synonymous with doctor visits.  For example, when you have a doctor’s appointment you may pay a co-pay per visit, we too must follow this same process and are held to similar standards.   

Q:  What role does the parent/caregiver partake in during this process?

A:  Parents/Caregivers are considered an integral part of the behavior plan development and intervention process.  Parents/Caregivers are expected to fully participate and be involved throughout the coaching and training process of the intervention. 

Q:  Does my child have to have a diagnosis of autism in order to be found eligible for ABA therapy?

A:  If you are utilizing private insurance, then yes.  This is currently an eligibility criteria for insurance companies to cover treatment. 

Q:  Does ABA therapy work on other diagnoses?

A:  Yes, applied behavior analysis is an effective intervention for individuals with and without a diagnosis in order to overcome all kinds of social and behavioral challenges. 

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