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Behavioral Analysis

Comprehensive and focused ABA treatment.

ABA Foundations offers consultative behavior analysis services conducted by Board Certified Behavior Analysts that are provided directly to the client and the family focused on teaching socially appropriate behaviors to replace the individual’s current maladaptive behaviors for children of all ages.  ABA therapy assists individuals in achieving pivotal functional skills such as functional communication, independence and daily living, social interaction, tolerance and coping, pre-vocational skills and more. 

The consultative process includes the following and is based on the needs of the individual:

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Functional Behavior Assessment

This includes an interview with caregivers and other stakeholders if necessary; records review; observations with in the environment that the behavior occurs. Curricular, social, adaptive, developmental, or vocational assessments may be conducted to assess further skill development needs.

Treatment Plan Development

A comprehensive treatment plan is developed to meet the unique needs of the caregivers, and the individual.The goals of the plan are developed in collaboration with the family and individual in order to assist the individual increase their quality of life. Hours of intervention are determined upon medical necessity only.

Training and Coaching

Caregivers and other stakeholders are enrolled in a training and coaching process to meet the proficiencies of implementing the intervention in order to facilitate the individual in achieving their goals.

Measuring Outcomes

Data will be collected and evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine when the individual has met criteria with the goal of fading services in order to empower the individual and caregivers.

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